Global Reach

Global Reach

Investment Strategies

Successfully investing in a complex, highly specialized alternative asset class such as real estate takes collaboration, coordination, and an ability to think from different angles. With experience investing in traditional and specialty property types around the world, our seasoned teams make investments across the risk/return spectrum in both the private and public property markets. Our ultimate goal? Seamlessly execute investment strategies that exceed our clients’ expectations.

Global Real Estate Investment Presence
Strategies that exceed our clients’ expectations.
Why Choose Us?

StrongTower Equity is exclusively focused on foreign equity placement for U.S. based commercial estate. This focus allows us to maintain deep, longstanding relationships with foreign investors and maintain an in-depth knowledge of investors’ appetite and objectives at any given point and time. Ultimately, it ensures that we can efficiently and reliably execute large, complex capital structures on individual and programmatic transactions.

Our extensive global network of equity investors allows us to access a diverse array of foreign capital sources. Sources include sovereign wealth funds, private and public equity funds, private investment groups, high net worth individuals and family trusts. 

We advise a broad array of real estate investors from private entrepreneurs to major public enterprises seeking strategic advice and execution services customized to their needs, requirements and specific real estate assets. Client objectives, our financial expertise, and market intelligence come together in an execution strategy designed to achieve the desired outcome.

We identify and engage the most suitable equity investors for a new acquisition, new development project or recapitalization of an existing asset. Suitability is based on investment philosophy, risk/reward profile, size of investment, hold period, preferred leverage level, etc.

While widespread access to foreign capital exists for U.S. commercial real estate, complications and barriers also exist and often cause disruptions and delays after agreement has been reached on equity terms. Restrictions, guidelines and tax implications are present in most foreign equity investment transactions. These vary by region and country and change over time based on macro level economic factors and local government policy. StrongTower maintains an in-depth working understanding of these guidelines and can quickly and efficiently navigate the processes necessary to ensure the execution timeline is met.